The Pig Roast with Otto & George is an insane, off-color variety show that was shot in 2013 in a pop-up production studio in Hoboken, New Jersey.  Otto Petersen, who was adored by all of his fellow comedians for his outrageous wit and generous heart, sadly passed away the following year.  BashBox TV is proud to always make this first and only season of the show available to the public as a tribute to Otto and George, who made us laugh all until we cried, and to all of his friends and family who he left behind to soon.

Pig Roast w/ Otto & George

Created by Robert Capelli Jr.

Produced by: Robert Capelli Jr. , Jay Webb

Written by: Otto Petersen, Giancarlo Fiorentini, Jay Webb, Robert Capelli, Jr. Johnny O.

Executive Producers: Lorenzo Fiorentini, Mark Settembre

Starring: Otto Petersen, Johnny O, Chips Cooney, Big A., Joe Conte, plus weekly special guests.

Music by: Abe Ruiz & the Squatters